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You are constantly helping your clients win market share and stand out in crowded marketplaces, yet it is challenging for your own company to retain and win new clients in what is an increasingly competitive environment.

Vuzo brings specialist data science to your service offer to help you answer the questions your clients pose on a range of issues relating to the effectiveness of their marketing spend and ROI. Our expertise complements and builds on what you may already have in your team to enable you to win more work through advanced tools and insights.


Many agencies say that they have a data science offer, but in reality this can be in a very narrow field of application.  This is compounded by the serious problem of finding data scientists with the relevant commercial experience.


Vuzo recognised this and built a highly skilled team with relevant experience of the marketing agency industry and importantly, significant commercial experience.  Vuzo has created an offer to directly support agencies, enabling you to confidently deliver a true data science offer.


You are already familiar with the benefits to your clients, including:

  • Increased revenue
  • More efficient customer acquisition
  • Lower customer churn etc


However, we recognise how this technology and expertise can directly benefit your agency, such as:

  • Inclusion of Vuzo data science insights in your pitches to help you win new business
  • A credible AI/ML offer to your clients (under your umbrella)
  • Justification of marketing budget with identifiable attribution to help you retain clients
  • A clear way to differentiate you from the AdTech/MarTech noise and potentially charge higher fees
  • Helping your teams with running campaigns
  • Empowering your clients with data driven/intelligent marketing decisions and providing the confidence for them to engage you in additional data-related marketing activities.


We work with some of the UK’s leading digital agencies to enhance their offer and capacity.  To take full advantage of this additional potential, it is beneficial if you already have the requisite marketing skills and focus, including the ability to analyse data, hypothesise potential opportunities and execute a range of digital campaigns to test and ultimately deliver against the hypotheses.


We have a number of models to suit your preferred mode of working from joint/complementary introductions through to white-label strategic alliances.

Next steps

Whether you have a specific proof of concept/pilot project in mind, or would like to explore how to best make use of Vuzo’s expertise and AI/ML resource to help you generate new and recurring revenue streams, get in touch.  We would be happy to explore how we can best support you.

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