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Management Consultants / Accountants / Professional Service Providers / Agencies


With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), consultants and the wider professional services industry need to keep on top of the latest developments to stay relevant to the changing demands of their clients.


Client awareness of AI and ML has increased significantly, meaning that to add value, you now need an understanding of the clear advantages of applied data science, the tools available, their relative application and, of course, the resulting impact: standalone AI may not necessarily be appropriate.


Vuzo is aware that it’s unrealistic for all the consulting and professional services industry to become expert in data science. We have therefore put together an essential selection of tools and services specifically to support consultants, accountants, and agencies. The aim is to not only deliver significant benefit to your clients, but also provide you with a useful awareness of some of the latest developments. Having Vuzo in your back pocket will enable you to deliver true value-add contribution to your clients in this ever more necessary field.


Techniques previously only available to the likes of Google, Facebook, IBM etc are now accessible to benefit the majority of businesses. Simply relying on Google Analytics and the like is no longer sufficient. It is important to bring the competitive potential of the latest developments to your clients.


Whether you are already very familiar with AI/ML, or simply want to bring the benefits of these latest data science developments to your clients, we are happy to help.

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Business Development / Sales & Marketing / Agencies

Vuzo has been brought into organisations to provide immediate results. Unlocking the latent potential of existing data has enabled clients to benefit from increased average customer spend, more efficient customer acquisition, at the same time as reducing advertising spend. We can also deploy tools that indicate which customers are most at risk of switching to a competitor, providing highly effective interventions that result in increased customer retention. We've also worked with agencies to validate (and justify) why their approach and marketing budget is the one to go for. Providing consultants and agencies with indisputable data to include in their pitch to help them land big clients is also not uncommon.

If you already provide MarTech services, Vuzo has the tools and techniques to help you stand out from the crowd no matter the size of your agency. Our understanding of data science, together with leading in-house algorithms, means that we enhance your services and reputation by the deployment of appropriate tools and by providing meaningful insights and management summaries.
It is not only your reputation that is enhanced by what we can deliver for you and your clients, you can also benefit financially from any subsequent work Vuzo delivers as a result of reputable introductions. As Vuzo offers short-term project wins without data service tie-ins, this becomes a reassuring sell for you and a great door-opener for initial and re-engagement of clients.

Beyond MarTech

An enhanced MarTech offer might be compelling in itself. However, the power of Vuzo's data science expertise really comes into play to assist senior executives with making those key investment decisions. For example, where specifically should the next concessions/store openings be located, or, in a challenging market, supporting strategic decisions to restructure and prioritise activities. Science-based decision support when it's most effective.


You work hard to attract and retain good clients. And, like other industries, yours is also competitive. One way that forward-thinking accountants add value beyond financial management and compliance, is by regularly suggesting strategic tools and techniques that will increase the profitability of their clients.

The potential to monetise your clients latent data, both for your benefit as well as your clients, is huge. Maybe you have in-house data analysts, however building a team with a broad range of data science skills, let alone with c-suite, decision-support, science-based expertise, is expensive (and that's if you can find talent with the relevant commercial experience in the first place).

As good data science is becoming mandatory (beyond Google Analytics et al), Vuzo has developed specific tools and techniques to enable accounting firms to deliver a true data science offer seamlessly integrating and complementing your existing services.

From interrogating disperse, incomplete data, to building algorithms and utilising AI to speed up the identification of patterns, relationships and irregularities, Vuzo can do so much more than increasing your clients revenue and reducing their risk.

Data is an asset, and your clients already have plenty of it. It is also of high commercial sensitivity and Vuzo understands the importance of data integrity and brings confidence that builds on your well-earned trust.

As well as bottom-line benefits, Vuzo will also work alongside your team, helping to increase your in-house data science capabilities. In addition to becoming a trusted partner on specific client projects, a white-label offer might be more suited to your strategy. We are also happy to develop algorithms, tools and datasets for your own business, to keep you ahead of your competitors service offerings.

AI Consultants

As you already work in AI/ML, you will soon recognise the level of expertise and enriched datasets available from Vuzo to support your client work. We will help you stand out from the many companies that simply band AI around. With our intelligent modelling and application-where-appropriate ethos, we will help increase confidence with your clients and enhance your reputation. We will not take on AI work for the sake of it, so please check in confidence with us.


One of the ways we work with clients is to increase shareholder value, so why not use these same tools to provide extra lift to your whole portfolio, all with negligible extra effort on your part. Our AI/ML tools and expertise can be utilised in various ways, tailored to the needs of each of your specific companies. We would be happy to explore with you in confidence, to identify one or two of your companies to show how we can impact, before rolling out across your portfolio.

More than words

We will be happy to share sector-specific benefits that you can impress your clients with. However, as a taster, feel free mention that we have evidence to show that:

  • We generate gains of 3-7% in footfall, 40% in retention, 57% in revenue;
  • For our first 6 clients we generated £3m+ additional revenues, stopped over 10k customers from churning, and added £500k in EBIT. Client ROI is up to 20x.


Although demand has initially drawn us to successfully supporting the retail and financial services sectors, the data science tools and algorithms developed by Vuzo are sector-agnostic. Therefore whatever your sector or those of your clients, Vuzo is happy to help you identify where together we can deliver maximum benefit.

Next steps

You know the companies you work with and prospective clients the best, so we are flexible on how you wish to bring these benefits to them.


As with a number of our clients, Vuzo is more than happy to work alongside you as part of your service delivery. Our reputation is built on only proposing work where such activities can be backed by a high level of independent statistical confidence the advantage is our people and approach, not just our leading algorithms and datasets.

From introductions, to joint projects, to your own white-label data science service, let's explore.

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