Data Science for Non-Execs

Adding value as a Non-Executive Director

Bringing highly-valued, independent insight to the executive board is paramount for the role of an NXD.

The potential of utilising appropriate data science tools cannot be underestimated in this fast-moving arena, where subtle changes to strategy or a simple word-change in an ad can make all the difference, not only increasing revenue and profits, but also making significant savings.

Having Vuzo in your back pocket will enable NXDs to suggest proper, timely deployment of tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) where most effective.

Appropriate AI

AI/ML terminology is becoming ubiquitous in both strategic and operational meetings and used effectively, can be extremely powerful. However, the skill is knowing when and where, as well as how, to deploy AI/ML.
In fact, whether AI/ML is actually appropriate.

Vuzo works with leading brands and agencies and has specific tools and services to support NXDs. This can be from identifying opportunities and carrying out quick reviews, to providing you as an NXD with insights and best practice. Vuzo enables you to have relevant, timely information at your fingertips.

Unbiased insights

As with a number of our clients, Vuzo is more than happy to be your independent voice providing practical advice our reputation is built on only suggesting work where such activities can be backed by a high level of independent statistical confidence the advantage is our people and approach, not just our leading algorithms and datasets.

Credibility and action

Whether you are an expert in AI, or have little understanding and want to know more about how Vuzo can support you in this important NXD area, get in touch. Our reputation is built on confidentiality and enhancing your value and reputation with your clients. From the vast amount of data available, we will provide you with key insights in a useful, easy to present format. This will assist you in advising your boards, supporting your expertise with clear decision-assist science. You’ll be amazed what our algorithms discover to give your clients clear advantage.

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