Data Science for Investors

AI advantages for due diligence and increasing EBITDA

Decision support tools for enhancing portfolio performance

As an investor, you are well aware of the many factors influencing your choice of investment and ultimately your return.? Keeping on top of the latest developments is second nature, especially in a rapidly changing world.

Timing and insights are key

Vuzo has developed a suite of tools that can give you an advantage in key areas

  • Selecting which companies to invest in
  • Due diligence
  • Portfolio performance
  • Follow-on investment


More than algorithms

AI/ML has come a long way, however Vuzo is well aware of its limitations.? It’s important to gain advantages where possible and recent developments give you just that, de-risking your decision making and providing time-based advantages.? Vuzo have proprietary algorithms, backed by commercial expertise.? This combination provides realistic benefits.? We only take on work when there is a high degree of statistical confidence to deliver – hence our impressive returns to clients.


The data advantage

Example applications and considerations of this technology, pre-investment, providing an advantage to your portfolio companies and exit profiling, include:

Within the investment company

  • Use a data-driven approach to analysing the quality of partners and opportunities, in particular applying algorithms when scoring early stage companies
  • Good entrepreneurs are discerning about where the money comes from and whether the investor is a good partner ? they?ll be expecting some data science rigour in your approach to their deal and to underpin the support you bring them in the longer term. If you can prove you?ve used data in your other investments this will go a long way to building an entrepreneur?s confidence that you?re the right investor
  • Create a moat of competitive advantage with respect to other investors. Improve prediction of which deals will succeed. Then put the spotlight on dealflow by analysing the company data of opportunities, and finally apply data to optimise allocation of reserves to help distribute follow-on funding
  • Word gets around about good start-ups, so speed is a factor when analysing the underlying data behind CEOs assertions of market demand, or they?ll close the round without you. Use up to date decision support software and techniques to reduce uncertainty, speeding up decision times

In the due diligence phase

  • Collect and analyse unstructured market data to quickly assess competitor growth
  • Stress-test the CEO?s narrative using Alternative Data

Once the investment is made, support your entrepreneurs

  • Post investment, our data, algorithms and experience to turbo-charge the sales & marketing function of your portfolio companies, to gain traction faster and sustain growth in their target markets;
  • Rapid-test market segments for response, reduce time to identifying sweet spot of product-market fit
  • Review the company?s marketing and revenue data to decide whether to grant short term bridging capital.


The power of true data science is far more than digital marketing analytics, we have tools and expertise to assist investors and your investee c-suite teams to identify and maximise opportunities through appropriate data-backed decision support.

Low-risk return

All of Vuzo's proof of concepts have returned x4 - x20 without any long-term tie-ins. Get in touch to find out how we can help you and your investee companies take advantage of the latest tools to give you the edge, resulting in enhanced valuation. You can trial it on one or two of your portfolio - we're confident you'll soon want to roll this across the rest. Let's have a confidential, no-obligation call to explore further.

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