Vuzo helped us to gain momentum in online sales through strategic placement across varied channels and advised how we could improve.

Hollie Smith, Marketing


Building trust and cutting through digital marketing noise

As a start-up insect based pet food company, Yora came to Vuzo for help in launching their disruptor brand in a very traditional pet food market.

Using data enrichment techniques and analysing third-party data sources, Vuzo helped Yora build insight-led customer segments enabling an entirely data-driven approach to all their marketing activity.

This approach has contributed to strong and sustained growth since their launch at the beginning of 2019.

"As an start-up insect-based pet food company, it was important that we quickly established our online presence and built trust," explains Hollie.

"Vuzo's flexible approach means we can gain insight into our customer's changing habits which is essential for our continued development.