Longacres Garden Centres

12x return on investment

Transforming forecasting using data science

Longacres is the UK's biggest independent garden centre group with annual turnover of £45m.

"Vuzo helped us change our approach to demand forecasting to yield a 12x return on investment in their first year of working with us." explains Michael Ainley.

"They cleansed and harmonised our offline and online sales data to pull out key trends in category sales, corrected for weather and other influential factors. Analysing our historical sales data allowed us to change our web site information architecture and search visibility to capitalise on increased demand, reducing wasted media spend and dramatically increasing online revenues from search." says Michael.

Sharing information visually with Longacres board allowed them to see the sales impact from promotions and advertising, quickly review recent market basket trends, and reliably test the true impact of offers on sales and profitability across categories.