About Us

We're a team of data scientists and marketers based in London and Bristol.

The culture at Vuzo is collaborative and curious and values scientific data and facts above intuition.

The team comprises PhDs from Oxford, Cambridge, Cornell, Sussex, and Würzburg Universities, specialising in Statistics, Physics, Mathematics and Marketing.

Peter Biggs, Founder & CEO

Physicist and entrepreneur

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Harriet Garner, Operations Director

Accomplished Director with experience handling key accounts across retail & financial services

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Dr. Caterina Constantinescu, Senior Data Scientist

Experienced data scientist with a career spanning the academic, public and commercial sectors.

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Lucky Habib, Account Manager

Experienced account manager specialising in putting together programmes that ensure client success.

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Dr. David Mawdsley

PhD in Physics and an MSc in Medical Statistics, he has experience with all stages in the analysis pipeline

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Professor David Redmond

Professor of Computational Biology at Weill Cornell

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Dr Oliver Schmitt

A senior Data Architect with a focus on blockchain and ecommerce analysis

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Dr Roni Mermelshtine

Roni is a research psychologist and an associate lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London.

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Sanjay Patel, Consultant FD

An experienced portfolio FD with board and NxD positions in several UK retail and FS companies.

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Dr Alastair Pickett

Alastair is a Mathematician specialising in Statistics and Probability.

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David Lewis, Advisory Director

David has more than 20 years experience of providing full-service consumer research.

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Isabelle Tontchev

Isabelle is a data scientist with a background in accounting. She specialises in NLP and neural networks.

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Our Values


All of our reports should make sense to a new starter at the client's company. This approach forces us to repeatedly distil, clarify and visualise our findings until the communication of value is crystal clear.


We're committed to transparency, confidentiality and information security.


We believe an educated client is an empowered client. We're in the business of democratising access to data science, so sharing our knowledge with teams of all backgrounds and levels of understanding is a core part of our success.